The International Business Companies (IBC) Act of the British Virgin Islands was first passed in 1984. The Act itself was amended on several different occasions and subsequently was replaced with the BVI Business Company Act of 2004. The BVI Company came into full effect on January 2005. Although...

About BVI

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) also known as nature’s little secret are found in the Caribbean. The islands are located to the east of Puerto Rico and approximately half an hour away from the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).The group of islands is made up of approximately 50 islands all of which are not populated. Some of the islands are privately owned while the some are not inhabited. The islands are a popular vacations spot for Americans and Europeans. The capital of the BVI is Road Town in Tortola the most populated island of the British Virgin Islands. The official currency is the United States Dollar. The official language is English.

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The British Virgin Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 but the islands were first inhabited many centuries before the arrival of the Europeans. The islands both British and United States Virgin Islands were named after St. Ursula and her virgin followers by Columbus. The islands remained unsettled but its caves, coves and secret beaches provided ideal hideouts for pirates and privateers who plundered ship loaded with treasure headed for Europe. In the early 1600’s the Dutch began settling on the islands but by the mid 1600’s because of economic hardships and some of the islands were sold out to individuals. The British gained control of the islands in 1672 and to this date the islands remain under British domain.

The British Virgin Islands remains dependent on Great Britain but the islands are self governed. The islands have its own legal and judicial system pattern after the common law system of the United Kingdom. The BVI is a tourist mecca. The islands’ economy considered to be one of the flourishing in the Caribbean is mainly reliant on the tourism industry and the financial services sector generates a good percentage of the economy’s capital through the incorporation of companies. Scores of people go to the BVI each year to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the islands’ many sandy, white beaches.

To get to the British Virgin Islands from Europe or North America travelers have to stop off at one of the busy travel hubs in the neighboring Caribbean islands; Antigua, Puerto Rico, St Maarten, ST Kitts, Barbados and St Thomas. The flight from any of these islands is no more than one hour. Travelers can also get to the islands via one of the major cruise lines which makes frequent stops at the main sea port in Tortola. The is also a ferry service from the neighboring USVI. Travel between the islands of the BVI is easy and fun. There are ferry services connecting the various islands. Persons coming in from the United States need a valid passport to enter the BVI. Also all travelers need to show a return ticket and sufficient funds to cover their stay in the British Virgin Islands.

There are many activities to enjoy in the British Virgin Islands. Take the national pastime sailing for example, persons can rent boats yacht to sail around the islands and enjoy breathtaking vies making stops to take in places of interest on the islands. The islands have great dive sites and areas for snorkeling. Other water sports to enjoy include deep sea fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking and surfing. The British Virgin Islands are known as the sailing capital of the world. The beaches are also great for sunbathing or just simply relaxing. Most activities on the BVI are family oriented.

The BVI are culture oriented and love celebrating the islands’ culture. One of the biggest parties held each year is the Emancipation Festival held in August each year to mark the end of slavery in the British West Indies. The festival encompasses traditional games and fairs, parade through the town, beauty pageants, calypso shows, costume competitions and unbelievable local cuisine. During the year many sailing regatta and boat races are held in the BVI including the BVI Spring Regatta, Pro Am Regatta week and the Gustav Wilmerding Memorial Annual Regatta. The BVI Music festival is also held during summer holidays.

The BVI is free from the crime, hassle and commercial activities linked to more developed countries. The islands are perfect for vacations and a great tax haven.

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